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Plus Crunch Reviews - Best Game Console 2018

Best Game Console 2018

Learn about the latest game console you could buy in 2018

The quality of a game console has a significant effect on the gameplay of an individual largely. Where there is quality, there is interest. We game lovers, for this reason, take our time to find the best game console that suits our need. However, the choice of a game console differs for every individual. This is a matter of desire and interest. For some, it is graphics, for some its performance, and for some, it is durability. Let me run you through series of consoles to help in determining what is perfect for you.

PS4 Pro Game Console

Plus Crunch Reviews - PS4 ProHow excited are you about playing an outstanding game using the right console? The new Ps4 pro game console offers incredible, jaw-dropping functionalities; you just do not want to miss out of this one. The game console has a resolution, which ranges from 1080p to 1440p on an HD TV. It allows the selected game to output a 2160p resolution. Storage space is one of the biggest problems of so many consoles. The upgraded Sony game console has a 1TB storage space. That is going to make a huge difference.

Graphics is not a thing to joke with when it comes to gaming. The video console has a greater draw feature, an improved focus that allows objects to be more visible. The console’s anti-aliasing feature allows images to appear more real than they ought to look in reality, believe me; this feature does the magic of drawing you into the game.

It has real environments; produces smother locked frame rates and faster-targeted frame rates. The gameplay is just too fantastic.

Other cool features include the presence of HDR signal, GDDR5 8GB memory, good networking ability, friendly power consumption and lots more.

However, it has that tiny little discouraging factor. The Ps4 pro is not capable of playing Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray discs but you can enjoy the Sony Playstation VR headset.

Never the less, this console is not an option, it is a necessity for loyal and faithful customers.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Plus Crunch Reviews - Microsoft Xbox One SThe design is an essential part of a console. Microsoft seems to have worked out some miracle on this one. The Microsoft Xbox One S game console is smaller, thinner, but more powerful version of the Xbox 1 game console. It has an attractive white design with a new square holes design.

One of the surprising factors is the ability of Microsoft to fit the power bricks inside of it. Guess you no longer have to hide somewhere near the TV.

An upgrade in hardware! Wow. The game console supports 4K Ultra HD video output for Blu-ray and streaming contents. It has a High Dynamic Range, Wait a minute! Is that not the technology found in some of the latest TVs? Yes, it is.

Microsoft surely has a great sense of storage. This game console has a hard drive ranging from 500GB to 2TB. You should be dreaming of laying your hands on it already. Stylish, it has a streamlined controller, which comes with a matching white color. It has a Bluetooth for using it with Windows 10 PCs.
You might be thinking it is all about design, no,it is not. The performance of this console is the opposite of its size. Small, thin but with high performance.

Nintendo Switch

Plus Crunch Reviews - Nintendo SwitchWhat would you say of a switch that comes in a home console and a handheld device? Incredible is the word. It has two removable ‘Joy-Con’ controller sections, which attach at either end of the Switch tablet. It pretty looks improved Gamepad. The tech feature enables the Joy-Cons to be used independently or together. The choice is yours.

The console Joy-Con has inverted button and analog stick layout. Does the Joy-Con have differences? Of course. The left has a capture button for sharing online while the right has an NFC sensor. That is creativity.

The game console has 20-hour battery life. It takes 3.5 hours to charge (via the Charging Grip or when attached to the tablet).

Compatibility is also an amazing feature of this console. The game console offers compatibility with other devices. The connection is available via Bluetooth. The console is usable with the major available operating systems (OS). This is pretty much of an encouraging factor.

The console offers no screen experience like the Wii U as the tablet needs to be plugged into the dock. What you get, is a single screen experience. The game console, however, remains the only console where Zelda and some Mario games are playable. You might want to get one for the love of Mario.

Ps4 Slim

Plus Crunch Reviews - Sony PS4 Slim Game ConsoleCombining Quality and durability can only be done by a creative mind. The slimmer PS4 has come to replace the standard PS4. What is lovely/attractive about this console? The PS4 Slim is thinner and lighter than the original PS4 console, it has a curvy design, with rounded corners at each side.

This console has a faster 5 GHz WI-Fi, a feature of the Xbox One. It provides a more rapid connectivity, thereby increasing the download speeds and online gameplay without the need for an Ethernet cable.
This game console has an HDR support, a feature of the high-end PlayStation 4 Pro. The new DualShock 4 controller available in the console looks broadly the same as that of the predecessor (the standard Ps4). You want to start thinking about when the controller will be redesigned. It comes with a thin light strip across the top of the touchpad. Interesting, isn’t it? It supports USB communication. This gives room for the controller to be linked to the PS4 or PC by cable. This should cut down on lag times, the difference, only pro gamers may notice.

The Ps4 slim appears to be more of a facelift than a redesign and an upgrade. The graphics performance seems not to be more of an advantage and encouraging factor. The use of the console relies heavily on the taste and experience of the gamer.

The PS4 Slim is available in black and glacier white color.

Nvidia Shield TV

Plus Crunch Reviews - Nvidia Shield TVThe Nvidia Shield Tv has a 4K HDR support, what is the big deal? It provides a detailed and smooth 60fps video playback. A feature limited only to those with HDR-enabled TV.

The Shield TV comes with a single but extendable storage. How can the extension be done? The extension of the 16GB storage is possible through USB storage. What if i don’t want to attach an external device? The solution to this is the Nvidia Shield Pro. It gives you a storage space of 500GB, but not without a price. It is more expensive to buy.

The interior design consists of a Tegra X1 processor owned by Nvidia. We are talking this powerful processor about here. It is worth considering. Guess what? It supersedes the Apple TV. It has a 3GB of RAM which some consider as not enough and a 256-core CPU. The performance is not captivating. The streaming power is worth spending some change on.


Considering the difference in performance between PS4 Pro and Xbox One S game console, it is obvious that the Ps4 Pro is much better than the Xbox. Comparing the specifications, the Ps4 Pro console has more to offer than the Xbox One S console.

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